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5 Tips To Encourage Good Dental Health In Your Child

Child Dental

We know most children would rather do just about anything than to go brush their teeth. Like picking up their toys and helping set the table, brushing teeth can seem like just one more chore. We don’t expect our children to understand how important it is to brush our teeth properly and regularly to ensure good dental health, and that’s where we as parents can step in and encourage good dental health in our children.

We also know that sometimes parents aren’t sure where to start and whether or not they are covering all those dental healthcare basics. So we thought we’d give parents some tips on how to encourage good dental in your child!

Have A Steady Routine

Many parents recognize that having a steady routine benefits the household and the family. Establishing a steady routine for brushing and flossing also benefits children’s good dental health and helps to establish good dental health habits.

Set Regular Dental Checkups

Our children’s bodies are growing and so are their teeth and gums. As children grow, their mouths adjust to growing changes and teeth and gums adjust and grow also. Regular dental checkups with your child’s pediatric dentist are important to monitoring those changes and growth.

Use Flouride

Fluoride helps protect growing teeth from cavities. Be sure your child uses a toothpaste with fluoride.

Use Sealants

Your child’s pediatric dentist will recommend sealants to seal tiny cracks that would otherwise be a haven for plaque and bacteria to create cavities.

Brush After Snacks

Encourage healthy snacks for those in-between meals that growing children need. Eating healthy foods is good for children’s overall health and is also good for children’s dental health.