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Choose Halloween Treats That Aren’t Candy

The month of October is a great time of year. With fall beginning and warm summer temperatures beginning to cool down the majority of people are in good spirits. For many people, especially those with children, the month of October is a countdown to Halloween at the month’s end. Some parents love this time of year with their kids, but also dread the idea of how many sweets their child will get. This year, try something a little different and help out by choosing Halloween treats for kids that aren’t candy. Children will undoubtedly have more goodies in their trick or treat bags than they can eat in one sitting. While many of us, including adults, enjoy sweets they are not always good for our teeth and in excess are generally considered poor for our overall health. This is why choosing Halloween treats for kids that aren’t candy is a great way to still participate in this fun night while still providing an exciting variety for children.

There are many Halloween treats for kids that aren’t candy that you can give out and the freedom for creativity is virtually limitless. One thing that is fun for children is small toys. Take a stroll down to your local supermarket or party store and browse around. You will likely find a section of bagged toys, particularly a variety pack. The people that make these keep in mind that they are going to be going to multiple children so the price is kept very reasonable. These can be small figurines or puzzles that children can play with. While they aren’t a treat you can eat they are one that kids will still be excited about and unlike sweets they can continue to play and use them again and again.

Some other Halloween treats for kids that aren’t candy are things like fruits such as apples or oranges. Fruits are considered to be healthy and while they contain some sugar they aren’t loaded with tons of it that can be harmful to children’s teeth or rile them up with a sugar rush. Fruits also tend to have some fiber in them which is not only good for children but also will be more filling then a traditional sweet. The added benefit to this is that they won’t have the urge to gobble up all of their other sweets and they get a nice healthy dose of vitamins which is essential for all growing children.

This year choosing Halloween treats for kids that aren’t candy can be a healthy alternative to the typical snack. Providing children with something new will make them excited, happy, and keep them coming back every year. Have fun with it and be creative and see what you can find at your local supermarket or party store. You may surprise yourself how fun it can be to provide Halloween treats for kids that aren’t candy!