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Dental Plaque: Explained

You may have become used to hearing about dental plaque every time you go to the dentist. Everyone gets the main idea that it’s something that is bad for us, and we certainly don’t want it to form on our teeth.

But what exactly is dental plaque?

Dental plaque is a thin film of bacteria which accumulates on our teeth throughout the day. Plaque is a common nuisance because the bacteria attacks the teeth and gums, often causing cavities and gingivitis if you don’t follow a routine of properly caring for your teeth. Although plaque is a big problem, you can get rid of it by following a few simple guidelines.

Guidelines to follow to get rid of dental plaque:

  • It is always important to visit your dentist when you notice that your gums are swollen, bleed, or you notice a thick film on your teeth. You should make a point of having your teeth cleaned by a professional at least every six months.
  • Your dentist will likely tell you to use a special mouthwash to kill the excess bacteria and keep it under control.
  • It is also important to brush your teeth properly and floss several times a day to remove the plaque.

Always practice proper oral hygiene so you can avoid the accumulation of plaque. Following a routine of brushing your teeth and flossing greatly reduces your risk of getting cavities or gum disease. Speak with your dentist about any questions you may have concerning your oral health.