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Do You Need to Use a Mouthwash for Good Oral Health?


You may visit your dentist several times a year for routine checkups and additional treatment for cavities on a rare occasion. While most visits to the dentist involve having your teeth cleaned every three or six months, you can be assured that your dentist may give you a proper lecture about your oral hygiene. Unfortunately, many people tend to forget to brush their teeth and floss regularly, which can lead to several issues involving the health of their teeth and gums. Most people brush their teeth regularly, yet tend to completely forget about flossing, which is an essential part of maintaining good oral health.

Importance of Brushing and Flossing

Flossing is essential to oral health because it helps remove plaque, and bacteria-saturated food particles from between the teeth and gums, which may cause gingivitis, infections, or tooth decay. The bacteria that is left behind will certainly cause issues to your oral health over time, and will require additional treatment to get your mouth back to a healthy state. Once gingivitis has been discovered, it is common for your dentist to prescribe you to use a special antibacterial fluoride mouthwash to heal the inflammation of your gums, or fight infections. This fluoride mouthwash is typically required to be used twice daily over the period of a month. Your dentist may also recommend that you use an over the counter mouthwash once you run out of the special fluoride mouthwash.

Mouthwash: Is it Good for Oral Health?

Using mouthwash is not an essential part of maintaining good oral health if you follow a routine of properly brushing your teeth, and flossing regularly. Although, mouthwash can be quite beneficial to nearly anyone who uses it. Using mouthwash can help remove food particles and plaque that was left behind after flossing. Using mouthwash is also a great way to kill bacteria in the mouth. Mouthwash is a great way to freshen up your breath and kill bad odors before you meet with people, or if you simply want to get rid of a bad taste in your mouth. Some people may suffer from a dry mouth, which is worsened by a mouthwash which contains alcohol; there are many alcohol-free mouthwashes which are available at many stores.

Always talk to your dentist before you begin using a mouthwash to make sure it is a good option for you and will not negatively affect your oral health. Also make sure to properly brush your teeth and floss daily to maintain good oral hygiene.