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How Does Saliva Help Our Teeth

PeriodonticsDisgusting, annoying, and unsanitary are only a few of many negative words that may come to mind when someone thinks of saliva. While saliva may seem to be a gross subject which is uncommonly discussed among people, it is something that every person lives with which plays an important role in basic health. Saliva is often taken for granted, and is actually incredibly essential to the proper function of many biological processes such as proper digestion of nutrients. Saliva may seem to only aid in the process of helping you chew your food, but you may wonder why it continuously accumulates in your mouth throughout the course of a day when you are not eating. You may not believe it, but saliva is actually essential to keeping your mouth in good health.

Importance of Saliva

Saliva plays a huge role in regulating the bacterial growth within your mouth. This means that without saliva, we would suffer from endless infections within our mouths; many of which could eventually develop to become life threatening over time. Saliva is also extremely important because it provides many beneficial aspects which help our teeth stay healthy.

How Saliva Helps Our Teeth:

Saliva is essential to regulating the growth of plaque on your teeth. Plaque is an aggressive biofilm which is composed of millions of types of bacteria which collects on your teeth and gums which often leads to diseases of the gums and decay of the teeth. Saliva is acidic, therefore aids in the process of preventing tooth decay while you are between times of practicing proper oral hygiene throughout the course of an average day. Saliva is also rich in calcium, which means that it aids in the process of strengthening the protective enamel which forms on your teeth.

As it may have become apparent, saliva may be considered gross, but is incredibly important to the overall health of every person. Although saliva helps strengthen and clean teeth, it is also important to follow a strict routine of brushing and flossing your teeth a few times each day. Always make a point of visiting your dentist regularly to ensure that your teeth and gums are in pristine condition to avoid any negative developments of your oral health.