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Importance of Flossing Your Teeth

Almost all television commercials promote models with a perfect set of teeth and a bewitching smile. This is true in real life too. You are a model in your own world. As a famous saying goes, one is never complete without a smile. In order to be able to do so, you surely need to sport sparking white dentures that in effect is proof of good health and dental hygiene. A bad oral health not only affects your physical presence and appearance but can put off people given your bad breath and yellowing teeth. In addition, bad oral health is also a cause of heart and stomach ailments that could be serious to one’s daily existence.

Dentists all around the world preach the significance of good oral hygiene. The American Dental Association has also conducted research and come out with guidelines that can help one to develop good oral habits on an everyday basis. It is simple and reaps good results if followed religiously. Regular brushing of the teeth three to four times a day and after every meal is a must. You must make sure to brush your teeth for at least three minutes and make sure each and every corner is brushed. Flossing is also a very important method that helps to keep your gum and teeth clean.

Why is flossing as important as brushing?

While we eat, particles of food get lodged in between the hard to reach areas of the teeth. While brushing cleanses the outer portion of the teeth the crevices remain untouched. With time, the food particles decay and start forming plaque on the teeth enamel. Plaque is sticky and hard to remove. In addition, bacteria forms which lead to bad breadth and gum problems. The bacteria also settle on the tongue as we almost never clean the tongue. This bacterium is very harmful as it affects ones overall health as well. Flossing after brushing always helps to remove the lodged food particles from the crevices and cleanses your teeth thoroughly. The bacteria formation is also significantly reduced.


Flossing also helps to maintain your periodontal health. It prevents the formation of gum disease and diseases like gingivitis – commonly referred to as bleeding of the gums. It makes your gums stronger and healthier in the long run. It is almost like a cascading effect. Good teeth and gums help in doing away with bad breath and foul smell. You will certainly have a less number of people who put their hands on their mouth while talking to you – a sign that certainly is living proof of bad oral health!

You may think that you can resort to cosmetic treatments to improve the condition of your teeth. Cosmetic treatments definitely make your teeth look good. But good oral health will save you from spending hundreds of dollars in cosmetic treatments. Spend five minutes after every meal in brushing and flossing your teeth can do you a world of good. This guarantees pearly white teeth and a complete good health and makes you a real life model.