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Partial Dentures

We are a Partial Dentures Dentist in Irvine Ca

As a dentist in Irvine Ca, we know when you have one or a few missing teeth, there are times when partial dentures are the best choice for you. During your office visit with your dentist, you will be provided with a full and complete examination and review of your dental concerns. Then your dentist will talk with you about your options and it is possible that partial dentures are an option that your dentist may suggest for your specific dental needs. We are partial dentures dentists in Irvine, California ready to accommodate you.

What Are Partial Dentures?

partial dentures

Partial dentures are a fixture that is created specifically for you. No two sets of partial dentures are the same. When your dentist at our Irvine Ca location recommends Partial dentures for you, the dentures will be created to provide a replacement tooth (or teeth) connected to a fixture that fits into your mouth. The replacement teeth will fit into the spaces where you have missing teeth so the final result is a smile that appears to be full of beautiful teeth! In the world of dentistry, this fixture is also called an “appliance”, so you may hear that term used to describe your partial dentures.

How Do Partial Dentures Stay Secure?

You may be wondering how your partial dentures will stay in place and not slip around in your mouth. Partial dentures are fitted with small clasps as part of the fixture itself, which are created to clasp onto other teeth in your mouth. This holds your Partial dentures in place so that you are free to talk and eat without worrying that your dentures will move.

With proper dental care, your partial dentures should last many years. It is possible that other dental issues may arise that will require a change in your partial dentures and if that happens your dentist will create a new set of partial dentures specifically designed for your new dental needs.

During your regular dental checkups your dentist will talk to you about your partial dentures and ask you if you are having any difficulties with them. Your dentist will thoroughly inspect your partial dentures for signs of wear and tear, and evaluate their effectiveness based on your responses and on any changes that have occurred since your last dental exam.

Over the lifetime of your partial dentures it may be necessary for your dentist to adjust your partial dentures from time to time as your teeth and gums often change over time. Some minor adjustments can be made right there in the dentist’s office and during your office visit. If after your dental exam your dentist determines that new dentures are needed, a new design will be created and you will be fitted with a new set of partial dentures that better suit your new dental needs.

Your dental needs are always changing, and your partial dentures need to be able to adjust to your dental needs. Together, you and your dentist will be able to properly fit your partial dentures so that you have the beautiful smile you deserve! Come visit our Irvine office for a consultation today!