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Reasons for Losing Teeth

It is by far the most common feeling that health is wealth. The idea of good health also applies to the health of our teeth. In no situation would we be happy to lose our teeth or age before time.

Good teeth is not just about looking and feeling good. Irrespective of gender or generations good dental health is also synonymous with good overall health. Dental health is also connected to your heart and other problems. It has been seen that those with a bad dental condition are often prone to cardiac problems.

Losing Teeth

Losing teeth can be attributed to different factors. Accident or trauma based is the most common factor. Other than that it can be due to decay and severe tooth problems, extraction due to infections or cavity or, simply age. For the young ones it could be a result of bad eating habits and excessive intake of sugar based products. Also the fact that they were not initiated into the world of good dental hygiene right from being a toddler. So instead of giving in to the woes, it is essential to maintain the necessary hygiene for overall well-being.

Tooth Loss in the Elderly

On the other hand for the elderly it could be bad dietary habits and addictions, after effects of medications, gum and oral infections can lead to losing one tooth or several. It is necessary to take precaution or else the activities in our daily life could be severely affected. In addition to affecting the biting, chewing and digestion it can also affect out self-esteem. Certainly you would not want your smile to be a cause of embarrassment than a winning one.

You can prevent this from happening by maintaining good oral habits. Right from the word go, spend ample time in brushing your teeth and doing it methodically. Floss regularly and rinse them with anti-bacterial solutions so that no germs are allowed to grow between the crevices of the teeth. Along with this develop good food habits that add to the nutrition of your body rather than just satisfying the taste buds.