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Sedation Dentistry Irvine and Orange County

Sedation DentistryWe are Sedation Dentistry Orange County and Irvine Specialists

For many years dentists have used sedation dentistry to help relieve their patients’ emotional and physical discomforts so that they could get the dental treatment that was needed to maintain their good oral health. We offer Orange County sedation dentistry to offer you the utmost comfort and care during your dental procedures.

Worried About Going To The Dentist?

It is a completely normal and natural human feeling to have a degree of concern when going to the dentist. In fact, many have expressed some level of worry or anxiety before their visit. The high pitched sounds of the various tools or the grinding may cause some discomfort which is why we offer sedation dentistry right here in our Irvine location serving Orange County areas.

If you do have any degree of concern before your visit, or if you believe that the physical discomfort of an upcoming dental procedure will be hard on you, it is important that you talk to your dentist and let them know how you feel. Your dentist will gladly talk to you about your concerns and will suggest how sedation dentistry might be beneficial to you. Sometimes just talking it over with your dentist and knowing that they understand how you feel is enough to assure you that your procedure will be handled in a way that takes your worries into consideration.

But after sharing your feelings with your dentist, you and your dentist may feel you need a little help handling your worry or discomfort during a procedure. If so, there are several sedation dentistry options available to you that should help to reduce your degree of worry and manage the physical distress that may be associated with some procedures.

When you think about sedation dentistry you might be reminded of stories you’ve heard about patients being given ‘laughing gas’ (otherwise known as nitrous oxide). Or sedation dentistry might remind you of a television comedy sketch where someone is left in the dentist’s office alone and decides to try out the laughing gas and we laugh as they become more and more silly and play with all the different tools while we laugh at their antics. Of course we all know that the comedian was just playing around to make us laugh.

In real life, dentists take their patients’ worries and tolerance to discomfort very seriously and know that using sedation dentistry to help their patients manage these issues is a serious matter. Sedation dentistry is used every day for those who avoid dental care because the idea of going to the dentist causes enough worry to keep them away. Not taking advantage of the benefits of sedation dentistry and instead putting off a procedure that is needed to maintain the health of your teeth and body can be harmful to your overall health.

So talk to your dentist about your worries and concerns and discuss the benefits that sedation dentistry can offer you. Together, you and your dentist can plan the best form of sedation dentistry for your dental procedure to reduce or completely eliminate your concerns.